About This Blog

This is not my first try at blogging, I can tell you that.

I have given blogging a couple of tries before, but it has been unsatisfactory so I am starting again from scratch—this time on another platform. I took a liking to blogging after I saw a friend’s blog, and since I love writing (although I haven’t got round to writing much), I thought of starting up a blog.

I mostly (try to) write religious stuff, but humor and other topics are not nonexistent. Even if I write on a general topic, I normally happen to throw a little bit of light from an Islamic perspective.

Whatever I write on this blog is on public domain. If you want, you can edit, copy, re-blog and do whatever else you want with it, without attributing it to me. I  don’t have any problem with you attributing or not attributing it to me, but please don’t do that after you edit it.

And I apologize for any ads that appear on the site. Occupational hazards, you know.

The 8laam

Regarding the 8laam in the url, it is derived from my name, Allam. When it is pronounced in my native language (which is called Dhivehi), it sounds like something which translates into English as Eight Laams. Laam is a letter of both Arabic and Dhivehi languages.

Whatever is written on this blog is written by me unless otherwise specified. You can safely attribute it to me.

I ask Allah to make this blog a pathway for me to enter Paradise, let it testify for me and not against me, and to let others benefit from this blog and from whatever of the knowledge He bestows upon me.