How I Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook

Unfortunately everyone is on Facebook these days. But that does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing. On the contrary, it can be a great tool if it is used for a good cause. You can even be rewarded for it, if you use it as a means of something that is prescribed in Islam, like maintaining ties of kinship. Facebook is perhaps one of the easiest way to maintain ties of kinship these days, and certainly one of the cheapest way to do it considering the fact that a relatively high number of people nowadays live far away from those with whom they have to maintain ties of kinship. Calling on the phone or texting is not always cheap, especially if you live abroad, and when you compare it to Facebook (or any other social network for that matter), there is little comparison. Besides, Facebook has other advantages like the ability to actually see your loved ones, by means of photos and videos (and other benefits of which I would not waste time on thinking).

In spite of all that, there is a lot of garbage (excuse me) on Facebook that is of little or no benefit. That certainly would make up most of my feed. Humorous or funny posts don’t count, because I “benefit” greatly from it. Now I just use Instagram if I need a dose of laughter.

So, on some days (more like everyday), I would find myself scrolling through my feed endlessly for some reason that I simply cannot fathom. To exacerbate a situation that I cannot get a control on, the Facebook app on my phone helpfully pops up a blue, round-cornerd rectangle (?), suggesting new beginning, a fresh start, and a whole new day of fresh scrolling, which I invariably tap.

To get a hold of the situation and to stop wasting time on Facebook, I had to think of a way I can stop all that crap entering my brain and still be on Facebook (I sometimes need to be on Facebook, because of—you know—reasons). I had tried deactivating a number of times before, but I always find myself returning to it after sometime. So, I unfollowed every single person on my friend list, every single page I have liked, and every single group that I am in (of course, I didn’t do it all in one go, I just unfollowed the first person I see on my feed over a span of a week or two until it became just like our home street after my mom kunikahanings it in the morning). Congratulations, your Facebook junk is safe from me now, and I from it.
Only the notifications are my thing now. In case I need to check someone’s posts, I do a little search and check their posts on their profile itself.

Now, even if I open the Facebook app, I can’t see anything of interest on my feed. I still do see some stuff, from some pages that I have a hand in managing (which I don’t think I can unfollow. Can I, Facebook?) and some post from November 14 telling me that my friend Alson is friends with some chick, which I admit, is interesting.

Now I spend the time saved on other cool things, like sleeping. Haha. All kidding aside, now I can focus on reading more, writing more on my blog and Quora (I got a Bluetooth keyboard (perhaps I will write a review), on which I wrote this whole post during a free period in class) and a whole other set of ‘mores’.


Quora is awesome by the way. It has some awesome stuff, and plenty of atheists you can spend your time arguing with (nicely!) if that is your thing. They have a policy called BNBR. Be nice. Be respectful.

Anyway, that is it for now. This is a new post in a long time, and I apologize to my fans (I certainly have one at home, but if I turn it on, my wife gets cold (because it is almost winter and, admittedly, a bit cold) and then consequently, inevitably and obviously upset (I hope she’s not reading this). I hope to write more than before now, especially since I can do it now on the go in sha Allah.

لعلكم لا تزالون بخير. مع السلامة.