The Dream That Was

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to fly: I wanted to become a pilot. Since then I had a
fascination for aircraft. I still have.

I persisted in convincing myself that when I grow up, I will be a pilot. After all, the life of a
pilot was simply awesome. A pilot gets to travel to a lot of places, see a lot of sunsets and
sunrises, and they get to take home big fat paychecks. Who wouldn’t want that? Up until
my grade 10, my thoughts about my ambition never wavered. I was as determined as
anyone could be.

However, when I started seeing more of life and the world, I began to contemplate upon
the fact (or the possibility) that becoming a pilot might not be the best of choices. Maldives
was witnessing a time when newly trained pilots were finding it very difficult to get a job
and it didn’t help that my faith (in every way) was very low at that moment. A female cousin
of mine had married a student pilot and when finished his studies and applied for a job, so
did 700 others (he now has a great job (at Maldivian, I think), praise be to Allah). I was very

So, I began to think about other choices. How about another career, but from the same
industry, aviation? That seemed sensible. Engineering never appealed to me, so that was
crossed off my list. To cut this part short, when I completed my A-levels I applied to an
Aviation Management Course in the UK. Praise be to Allah, I got the placement, but even
more praises be to Allah, I got even a better placement.

I had been planning something good for myself ever since my childhood, but Allah had planned something even better for myself even before I was even born.