Death Penalty, Maldives and Human Rights

Talks about the death penalty surfaces quite often these days, thanks to all those murderers out there in Maldives. Every time one of them stabs someone, Maldivians (most of the Maldivians, at least) start talking about death penalty and why it is absolutely necessary to implement it, as we should, according to the Islamic Shari’ah.

Then there is the other group, who calls themselves Muslims and Maldivians, opposing the execution of those who are sentenced to death. Apparently, the death penalty is the most-inhuman-punishment-ever and it seriously violates something called ‘human rights,’ which—incidentally—is something made up by a group of homo sapiens who think they know what human rights should be.

Even if we, for the sake of argument, assume that they have the right to make up a bunch of rights for themselves, do they have the right to impose those rights on us, when we already have better rights, decided for us by the One who created us?

Yes, for us Muslims, all our laws are legislated by our Lord, who created us from nothing, who knows exactly what a human is. He knows what is best for us and what our rights should be. For us, our human rights were granted by our Lord. They can’t be withdrawn by anyone. They can’t be changed by anyone. We cannot be stripped of those rights by anyone. Hence, we don’t need something that was given by a king or any other legislative assembly, who can withdraw it as easily as it was given.

Now that that is clear, know this: it so happens that our Lord has ordered us to execute people for some specific sins or crimes.

What species has the right to say otherwise when the Lord of those all those species has said something?

The self-appointed protector of human rights, Amnesty International, evidently thinks that they are that species. They strive hard to abolish all the capital and corporal punishments in Islam, claiming that they are inhumane, cruel and barbarous. That is their opinion, but why should we take on the same stand? Why does their opinion matter and ours don’t? Because…wait, let me answer that by answering another question: why does our opinion matter and theirs don’t? That is because our ‘opinion’ is not an opinion and we are following some specific orders and those orders were given by our Lord, to whom belongs to all Sovereignty, which is actually the point I am trying to make clear.

What? You don’t believe that there is a God? Now that is another question altogether. For us (you and me) to be convinced about the fair nature of Islamic Shari’ah (which I hope is our aim), first we need to come to common terms regarding the Lord of the Worlds. If someone can do that—and I mean really get to know Him and His Names and Attributes, everything—then whatever ill-thoughts about Islam that he has in his heart will vanish in a fraction of a second.



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